Turn Glasses into Solutions

With this purpose the company look for knowing the opportunities, understand, develop and attend the Market’s needs when it comes to White Good Appliances and Commercial Refrigeration.


Add value to the products of our clients in a competitive and sustainable way, meeting their needs and respecting people, the environment and society.


Be a brand known by its clients as a reference in attendance, quality and competitiveness.


Ethics Be transparent in what I do.

Commitment Honor the appointments made.

Responsibility Be responsible for what I do.

Flexibility Adapt to changes.

Credibility Develop long lasting and reliable relationships.


Viprado has as its premise, offering to its clients solutions that attend their needs and want, providing value and satisfaction.

We are not the only ones, but we are different, our team is committed with the company’s vision and its mission, to credit along our partners and to new opportunities, responsibility, commitment and reliability, pursuing sustainable growth.



Bigger than the challenge of increasing productive capacity, is to transform ideas into innovating products, and keep the performance in a level of constant growth.

Modernize the structure to the installation of new equipment with high technology requirement is, believe in ambitious projects on the business portfolio, offering to the clients e to the market the guarantee of printing out its brand with safety on the attendance and development of new products.



New ideas, tendencies and colors, make us reinvent every day to attend all the items that make each product, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

We contribute with innovation so that our clients and the new opportunities can lead through their products the joy and satisfaction in the cooking art.


Our focus is to offer solutions with visibility on our business. With this perspective in 2014, we prepared ourselves with last generation technology to attend the tendencies, the innovation and the different concepts of refrigerators, vertical and horizontal freezers inserted on the portfolio of each client and the market, with sustainable attributes.


  • We ensure the efficient utilization of natural resources to preserve the planet;
  • We promote the environment responsibility consciousness, noticing opportunities to reduce more and to pollute less;
  • Our main feedstock is composed by sand, a nature’s diamond, 100% recyclable and reused in various glass segments;
  • We are committed with social responsibility, with the interests of our contributors, their families and the comunity.


WORK WITH US *Unfilled or invalid values.
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